How it works

Drive in

Basilica Garage is an automated parking garage.

After driving in the Garage drive into a free (green light) parking terminal. The car is picked up by the robotic parking system that will safely place it inside the building on a shelving system.

Instructions of the screen are to be followed:

  • stop the engine,
  • shift back into 1st gear,
  • pull the handbreak,
  • push in or remove the car aerial,
  • fold the rearview mirror,
  • lock the doors.

If the screen displays that the car is too large or too high than the car can not be parked in.

After the process is fulfilled leave the parking terminal.

Next to the side door there is a kiosk. Checking questions are to be confirmed. Take the parking token from the kiosk and walk away.

Drive out

Put the parking token into the kiosk at 1st and 3rd exit for paying.

After paying the screen displays the exit terminal where the car can be retrieved and gives back the paid parking token.

Put the parking token into the kiosk displayed on the screen. The gate will be opened. Drive away.

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Bazilika Garage
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Bazilika Garage